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Our estate planning attorneys take a “ground-up” approach to creating estate plans. Every individual should carefully consider the parties who will make decisions in the event of their incapacity or death (Agents, Trustees, Executors, etc.). Even someone thought to be a “perfect” fiduciary at the time of a plan’s creation encounters legal, medical, financial, or personal issues that prevent them from acting or cause them to act inappropriately. Our attorneys guide our clients through the creation of plans that involve a combination of important documents, such as: powers of attorney, medical directives, wills, trusts, specialty deeds, beneficiary designations, and other instruments, to coordinate decision-making for them and effectively manage and transfer their assets, because estate planning is not just for the wealthy.

We seek to create plans that are simple enough to be implemented effectively, but that contain the complexity necessary to address tax efficiency, particular family situations, goals, and the reasonably foreseeable complications of life.

Using mostly “fixed fee” for our estate planning work we give our clients the comfort of knowing exactly how much their plan will cost to complete, which is combined with understanding gained from our attorney-guided review process.

Whether your personal complexities arise from your assets, business, family situation, potential tax liability, religious beliefs, language barriers, foreign assets or beneficiaries, or other concerns our attorneys use the experience they have gained serving our diverse region to accomplish your goals.

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