The artwork used on the main firm page is a portion of an untitled abstract work by Dr. Antanas Lipskis included in its entirety on this page. The painting was photographed by his daughter-in-law, Barbara Lipskis. The firm graciously thanks Mrs. Aldona B. Lipskis, Dr. Antanas Lipskis’ widow, for allowing us to use the image.

About the Artist

Dr. Antanas Lipskis (March 24, 1917 – Jan. 22, 2013) was born into a large family in Cekai Lithuania and raised on the family farm.  Always possessing an artistic spirit, he spent his youth painting and cleaning brushes in his coat lining instead of studying. He honed his consistency and self disclipline when he entered the Telsiai Seminary.  After departing the seminary in 1940 he went to Kaunas, Lithuania to study medicine and completed his medical study in Heidelberg Germany prior to immigrating with his wife Alina to the United States in 1947.  While practicing medicine in the Chicago, Illinois area he continued to write poetry, study art, and paint. He created wonderful paintings late into his nineties inspired by his muse, Aldona Lipskis.  He has been recognized as an accomplished painter, sculptor, and poet and his artworks were displayed in the Balzekas Lithuanian historic museum in Chicago and Jupiter, Florida.   Posthumously,  a portion of his art has been dedicated for exhibition (over 150 works) at the Samogitian Art Museum housed in the Oginskas palace in Plunge, Lithuania.   However, most of his work remains lovingly displayed in the homes and offices of his family and friends.

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